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Innovations From Haaga

Now there’s a clever idea!

Haaga Rotating Circular Brooms

Now there’s a clever idea! Contrary to the usual roller sweeping machines, the special circular brooms utilised in the Haaga range of sweepers grab material from in front of the machine and whisk it into a container positioned directly behind the brooms. This system allows almost any kind of material, wet or dry, on any type of surface, to be cleaned up easily. Unlike other manual sweepers, there is no centre wheel or rubber lip to get in the way. The side brooms pull dirt from edgings and crevices easily getting it off the street and into the garbage, where it belongs.

This system is found in our Haaga 250 and Haaga 255 models.

Haaga Turbo Sweeping System

The patented Haaga Turbo sweeping system sweeps twice in a single pass. First, the two circular brooms in the front of the machine remove coarse material. The sweeping roller underneath then removes finer materials and transports them to the waste container located in the back of the machine. This system allows areas with large quantities of finer materials (such as dust and sand) to be cleaned efficiently without dispersing the particles into the atmosphere surrounding the sweeper. 

This System is found in our Haaga 475, 477 Profi-Line and 479 Profi-Line manual sweepers, and also in our Haaga battery models 677 Profi-Line and 697 Profi-Line.

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About Haaga

Since 1970, Haaga has been a specialist in hand sweeping machines. Originally specializing in moulding and processing plastics the company was founded by Hermann Haaga...

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Innovation Award

  • The patented Haaga turbo-sweeping system was awarded the gold medal and the president's prize of honour at the 2009 Inventor Show in Strasburg. Haaga is the only producer of sweeping machines that has ever been awarded such a commendation.
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